🏬Use of Tokens

The different ways to use tokens.

In-Game Uses

Wager Matches

People can only use $JUMP tokens to pay Entrance Fees for Wager Matches. Likewise, prize pool rewards from winning Wager Matches will be rewarded in $JUMP.

You can read about the competition fee/reward system here.

Game Store

People will be able to use their $JUMP tokens to purchase Jumper NFT skins, as well as other Double Jump items directly in the game store.

Off-Game Uses


People who have $JUMP tokens can take part actively in our JumpDAO where people can contribute to various project decisions including:

  • Voting on Community Built Maps

  • Entrance Fees amounts

  • Staking Rewards

  • Burn amounts for deflation


We will be doing surprise physical merchandise drops for NFT holders including t-shirts, hoodies, physical sculptures, and other limited collectibles.

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