🀝Wager Match

Wager Matches is the marque game mode in Double Jump, where periodic competitions are held with large prize pool rewards in $JUMP tokens. To participate, a player pays an entrance fee based on available tournaments for the chance to win and earn a large prize pool. Double Jump does not take any commission from Wager Matches.

Tournament Rules

Each match consists of three (3) rounds, with points calculated in a system similar to Formula 1 / Mario Kart. Points are accumulated and rankings are determined at the end of three rounds, with the player of the highest point total deemed the winner.

Point Calculations below:

No points are earned past 10th place.

Entrance Fees and Prize Distribution

Wager Match tournaments are simply prize pool tournaments where a player pays a base entrance fee for a chance to win the prize pool. Entrance fee and Prize pool are always stable.

For 1 $JUMP tournament:

For 5 $JUMP tournament

For 25 $JUMP tournament

For 100 $JUMP tournament

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