Game Mechanics

Discover our core game mechanics.

🦸‍♂️ Characters


Characters, or "Jumpers," can move freely on a three-axis plane (xyz) with vector movements. The vertical Z-axis is used for jumping.
Moving: Jumpers can freely move forward, back, left, right and diagonally.
Jumping: Jumpers can jump vertically and move in any lateral direction while jumping.
Double Jumping: The core movement of the game is a double jump. A player can jump twice in order to cover a higher or longer distance. Many obstacles (and shortcuts!) require a double jump.
Hitting: When a player is close enough to an opponent, an option to press the ‘E’ key will appear allowing a player to hit them to gain an advantage. Hitting your opponents stuns them for 3 seconds. There is a 6 second cool down after you have used your punch.

Health Points (HP)

Jumpers do not have HP. Jumpers die and respawn after they are knocked off the map by players or obstacles. Players may only respawn in race-to-finish maps.

💾 System


When a player is knocked off a platform by an obstacle or a player, they will immediately respawn if it is a race-to-finish map. If it is a last-jumper-standing map, the player is eliminated.

Global Chronometer

Every level registers a playtime which starts immediately after the “Level Start” countdown and finishes immediately after the first player touches the finish line.

📨 Friends & Communication

Like in every multiplayer game people like to make friends and speak with each other. In Double Jump, you can too!


There will be an in-game friends list. You can add new friends from every match and tournament to your friend list. You can invite your friends to play in-game or offline using your own generated Party Mode URL.
  • Friends List (Coming Soon)
  • URL invite links (Coming Soon)


You can chat with your opponents and friends using in-game text chat by pressing the Enter key, or by using a mic.
  • Text Chat
  • Voice Chat (Coming Soon)