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NFT Jumpers

What are Jumpers and why you should have one!

What are Jumpers?

Jumpers are our signature Double Jump NFT skins that will be playable in-game when launched! They range from base Jumpers, which can be customized and minted on our website closer to launch, to Limited-Edition Jumpers, which will only be dropped through special events.
Holding any Jumper will allow you to access all game features when launched. Furthermore, Jumpers give access to our staking system and enable you to receive $JUMP tokens that you could use in different ways described here.
We will have a free-to-play option for non-NFT holders to join the Double Jump experience; however non-holders will be limited to a single generic character, with access only to Free Play mode without any stats tracked.

Categories of Jumpers & Rarity System

There are four possible macro-categories of Jumpers:
  • Origin Jumpers
  • Seasonal Jumpers
  • Monthly Jumpers
  • Base Jumpers

Origin Jumpers

"Origin Jumpers" are the genesis Double Jump NFT collection made of four Jumpers that symbolize the beginning of our journey.
Origin Jumpers yield the most daily staking rewards. Origin Jumpers yield 8 $JUMP tokens daily for each one staked. If you stake a full collection of Jumpers you will earn a 1.5x multiplier for a total of 48 $JUMP tokens daily.
A full collection of Origin Jumpers.

Seasonal Jumpers

Every season, we intend to release a limited collection of Jumpers according to concurrent holidays, new levels, and even collaborations with other DAOs/communities. These Seasonal Jumpers will produce 4 $JUMP tokens daily.

Monthly Jumpers

Each month the team will drop between two (2) to four (4) special Jumpers. These Jumpers yield 2 $JUMP tokens daily.

Base Jumpers

Base Jumpers are represented by our generic Base character skin. Base Jumpers allow for a maximum of players to access the Double Jump game experience through a discounted entry price. These Jumpers yield 1 $JUMP reward for each Base Jumper staked.