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Type of $JUMP Holders

How people can get tokens.
$JUMP tokens are allocated for three main demographics of community members with three different source lines:
  • NFT Holders
  • Players
  • Traders

NFT Holders

People who buy Jumpers (native NFT skins of Double Jump) and earn yield from them on the staking platform.
When holders stake their NFTs in our program, they will receive daily staking rewards in $JUMP tokens according to the Jumper rarity system described in the following table and chart.


People who only play Double Jump with the single free-to-play skin, but participate in "Olympia Cup" tournaments and Battle Pass achievements to win $JUMP tokens without having to purchase from an exchange or stake an NFT.
If a players already has $JUMP tokens to pay Wager Match Entrance Fees, they could potentially win significant Prize Pool rewards of more $JUMP.


Individuals who are not interested in the in-game use cases of $JUMP token, but would like to either earn $JUMP yield from staking or take part of JumpDAO and its governance. These individuals can earn $JUMP through our staking program or purchase it on different exchanges and swaps that will be announced later.