Jumper NFT Staking

This is the Jumper Staking Reward Program.

Staking Program

People who own Jumper NFT skins can stake them to earn $JUMP on our staking platform. Staking on our platform is non-custodial, meaning that the NFT remains in the holder's wallet so that it can still be used in-game.
Staking rewards are based on the following rarity system:
NFT Skin Type & Quantity
$JUMP Tokens Daily Reward
Full Set Of Origin Jumpers (x4)
Origin Jumper (x1)
Seasonal Jumper (x1)
Monthly Jumper (x1)
Base Jumper (x1)
The values expressed on the table except "Full Set of Origin Jumpers" are considered per one unit staking, if user stakes more than one NFT the rewards will be summed.
Carl stakes one "Base Jumper" NFT and three "Seasonal" Jumper" NFTs, his total daily reward will be --> 1 + 4*3 = 13 $JUMP tokens daily.
John stakes a "Full Set of Origin Jumpers" NFTs, a single "Origin Jumper" NFT and single "Monthly Jumper" NFTs, his total daily reward will be --> 48 + 8 + 2 = 58 $JUMP tokens daily.