Welcome to the Party!
Double Jump is the first race-to-finish party game on Solana! Traverse through wonderfully diverse maps such as jungle ruins or a Japanese mountain sunset in a mad dash against other Jumpers across the world to reach the finish line first.
Every component in our game is designed with care and detail, ranging from our Jumper NFT Characters to our obstacles and levels.
There are many ways players can earn $JUMP all while having fun! These include acquiring $JUMP tokens by staking your NFT characters, entering our Wager Matches to win large prize pools of $JUMP, or designing the best levels on our Custom Level Builder tool to earn perpetual royalties.

Our Vision

For us, we see a world where gamers of all ages and skill levels can compete with anyone around the world and earn $JUMP while truly having fun.
We're not like the other games in the space – our focus isn’t to make a “crypto game” that's centered around complex tokenomics that take the fun entirely out of a game.
Our vision is to use the blockchain to enable the entertainment you can have playing our game to its fullest potential by allowing anyone connect their wallet and enter wager matches for a chance to win real $JUMP prizes – all while actually having FUN.​

Double Jump Universe

We are building Double Jump to be the premier gaming IP the amongst NFT collectors, all the way from our fun and lovable Jumper characters, to our beautifully themed levels.
The Double Jump IP will eventually be available through surprise merch drops, physical collectibles, as well as other brand collaborations within our space!
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